Bring buyers to your inventory to help keep your parts moving

EDEN is the leading recycled parts database and connects the demand for your parts from recyclers, insurers, collision and mechanical repair shops, and consumers. No other database has as many parts, has as many connections to demand, and processes as many part searches annually. EDEN drives millions in recycled parts sales annually.

The Proof Is In The Numbers:

More Parts - 190+ million

More Images - 90+million

More Part Searches – 30 million annually

More Part Quotes - 105+ million

Premier Recycler-to-Recycler Network

EDEN is the largest parts locating network for auto recyclers.  It expands your market reach through a trading network of thousands of auto recyclers in the U.S. and Canada.  Enabling you to maximize sales opportunities by instantly searching and brokering the exact parts your customers are looking for.

Seamlessly Integrated With Demand

In realtime, EDEN connects the demand for your parts from thousands of auto recyclers, repair professionals, and consumers through integration with the major estimating systems, shop management systems, core buyers, and ecommerce sites. Buyers can easily source, quote and purchase the parts they need for their repair jobs. Further, integration with Powerlink® automates ordering processing and work order creation.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Download trusted Exchange Partners inventory into your Yard Management System.
  • Prioritize search results to list Best Friends first.
  • Advanced VIN Decoder decodes VINs in detail and to Interchange™ numbers for most parts.
  • Store and manage vehicle and part images via EDEN Pics.
  • List and market your parts on at no additional charge.
  • See the demand and price for your cores and sell them via CoreConnect.
  • Inventory data is updated in real-time from Powerlink.
  • Integrated with all major 3rd party Yard Management Systems.